Department of Education

Permanent Recognition granted by Eastern Regional Committee. NCTE Bhubaneswar vide letter no – ERC/7-142.6.6./NCTE/B.Ed/2012/13886 Dated 31st August 2012 on the Recognition of Government of Bihar and B.R.A Bihar University, Muzaffarpur.

Objectives of the Programme.
On completion of B.Ed Cours, the teachers trainees will:
Understand the nature, purpose and philosophy of Secondary Education.
Develop sensitivity to socio-cultural issues of national concern.
Faster creative thinking among pupils for reconstruction of knowledge.
Develop skills for providing guidance and counselling.
Undertake action research in education.
Develop communication skill and use modern Information Technology(IT) for school teaching.
Acquire competance relevant to specific pedagogy and curriculum development.
Make pedagogical analysis of subject they are to teach at the Secondary Level.
Develop capacity to organise recreational activities.
Innspire the students to actively participate in exercises, games and sports.
Develop positive attitude to teaching profession and.
Develop aesthetic sensabilities.

Duration of the course and Working Days:

B.Ed programme shall be of the duration of one academic year with 200working days exclusive of the period of examination and admission out of which at least 40 days eligible.