Psychology Laboratory: Educational Psychology is the systematic study of the educational growth and development of a child.  Educational psychology (1)Psychology is its application in the field of education with the aim of socializing man and modifying his behavior. It describes and explains the learning experiences of an individual from birth through old age. “ Psychological tests have been prone to possess great utility in many spheres like guidance, appointments, selection for tracing, classification, according to the level of intelligence, prediction, diagnosis and research in the field of education. We have a psychology lab that trains the students in applying the knowledge of principles of educational psychology and techniques to facilitate optimum development of integrated personality. It provides First-hand experience to students teachers in conducting psychological aspects applicable to classroom teaching-learning situations. The trainees conduct experiments in the lab under the guidance of psychology lecturers. Conducted Experiments are:psychology (2)

  • Verbal test of intelligence
  • Non-Verbal test of Intelligence
  • Memory Test
  • Mirror Drawing Test
  • Division of attention
  • Questionnaire of teacher attitude

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