Achievements have their own beauty charm and fragrance. The world has progressed by leaps and bounds and very soon it i to scale the apex of success. It is the preservannce, service and sacrifice of countless achievers which have brought the world to this height.  Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Hon’ble SECRATARY of VISHUN RAJDEO TEACHER’S TRAINING COLLEGE, KIRATPUR RAJARAM, BHAGWANPUR(VAISHALI) is likely a twinkling star in the sky of education. He has paved the path of success by dint of his self-confidence, sense of service and sacrifice without caring the stumbling blocks. He is a great thinker, educationist, industrious and rare personality. Right from the dawn of foundation of VISHUN RAY MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE TRUST”, he has brought into light several institutions and glorified them. He is the apostle of kindness, intimacy, affection, service and sacrifice. He is determined to spread the light and fragrance of education in the remote and backwards rural areas free of cost. His objectives and philosophy are to attack the devil of ignorance, illiteracy, superstition, customs and traditions.

He wants to establish schools and colleges in every district so that no corner of Bihar may remain untouched from light and fragrance of education. Apart from the theoretical education, he is dedicated to impart technical and vocational education as they are supposed to be employment oriented and quality based. Vishal rajdeo Teachers Training College is a burning example in this is sphere.

It is his opinion that the flowers of education may bloom into remote areas among the poorer and weaker section where there is nothing but the vast empire of illiteracy and ignorance. He has cherished the desire to get the society rid of the ghost of evils and fly in the open air of knowledge and wisdom and conscience. He is of the view that quality education, free education, extra financial assistance given to the poor and distressed children may help them achieve their goal. He knows to proceed and combat the negative and anti-social elements. He has put his entire time energy and money to fructify education and hoist its flag in the seventh sky of supremacy. He has widely opened his Grace and contribution to those who possess real talent and prudence. It is  sacrifice that has set up countless unbreakable records till today. He has firm faith in continuous blooming even in the deserts and enables the challenged to run fast by dint of their own sacrifice, valour and trust.

Honourable Dr. Jitendra Kumar is far beyond the common figures regarding his endurance, benevolence and dedication. He wants his heart pounder with achievements obtained by his preservance. He is colossal in punctuality, hard in discipline, true to words, strict in administration and vivid in thought. He has the passion for lightening education in each nook and corner for his own efforts and self reliance.


Jitendra Kumar